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Do you want an attractive new smile? Miami Beach cosmetic dentist, Dr. Mereos, and the Precious Smile Cosmetic Dentistry team can give you the smile you’ve always wanted. A new smile can change your social life and boost your self-confidence.

Do you have gaps between your teeth, a cracked tooth or other cosmetic dental problems? We can help. Ask us about dental veneers and teeth whitening options just for you.

If you want a bright smile there are many options for you. Natural-looking veneers, dental crowns, or other aesthetic solutions may be the right answer for you. They can transform your tooth discoloration or damaged teeth into a stunning smile.

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The best way to get a beautiful smile is by making an appointment right away with a top Miami Beach cosmetic dentist, Dr. Mereos. Call our office today at (305) 532-9114 or by filling out our online form. Make sure to ask all the questions you want. We want you to have the dazzling, beautiful smile of your dreams!

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What our patients say about Miami Beach Dentist, Dr. Mereos.

I had a real problem today. I was supposed to go to a big dinner with a lot of baseball executives in Miami for a good dentist, but it was 3:30 and they had all left for the day. Out of nowhere I get a call from Dr. Mereos. He told me that although he was out for the day that his lovely and wonderful assistant, Norma, would be waiting for me in their office.
She did an outstanding job! She fixed me up and got me off to my dinner. I will be forever grateful to Norma and Dr. Mereos, and they know that when the Dodgers come to Miami to play the Marlins they will be there to watch the games!
Thank you Norma. Thank you Dr. Mereos

Tommy Lasorda

Dr. Mereos, We want to thank you for your wonderful giving heart and service during out time of need. I especially want to think you for your steady hand and soft heart. I want to give you a book on Hope Worldwide and our work. I also want to give you a shirt to wear! Thanks again!

Antonio & Audrey Boyd

To Whom It May Concern, I was most important by the speedy and efficient service I received from the staff at Precious Smiles when I needed emergency dental work.In the 2nd week of a 6 month vacation, I had the misfortune to lose a part of one of my back molars. Knowing that I would be away for another 6 months, and that I would be visiting South America, I wanted to make sure that my tooth was repaired in the US.As i was in Miami, I contacted the emergency dental number there, and was given the number of Precious Smiles. I was able to arrange an appointment the followinf day, and the work was carried out immediately.A temorary crown was fitted, and it held together for the rest of my journey. I wish to thank you all at Precious Smiles for the efficient and speedy service Regards, Ann