Dental Implants

When your oral health is concerned, solutions vary. There might be hundreds of different diseases, issues and treatments involved.

Teeth The Same Day is a revolutionary dental procedure for patients that have struggled with missing or failing teeth and want to change their lives in one single day. It is now possible for you to get your teeth the same day you get your dental implant surgery and smile again.

This works even if you are afraid of the dentist. Our team provides gentle sedation options for all our patients. It is as easy as going to sleep and waking up with a new smile.

Precious Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry Center now offers a revolutionary dental implant technique that can immediately and predictably replace failing or missing teeth in as little as one day. Our implant specialists have been performing these highly successful procedures for over 30 years. Our goal is to help you regain your self-confidence and increase your quality of life, in as little as one day. We can help you get your smile back quickly and efficiently.

There’s no need to wait for implant-supported restorations to heal, which traditionally take months, and multiple procedures. Our highly trained team, consisting of an oral surgeon, dentist, and a lab technician will ensure that you will be able to leave the dental chair after just one procedure with teeth that look natural and remain healthy. You can eat, smile, laugh and speak clearly right away. After the implants fully heal, they will be as strong as or stronger than your natural teeth.

There are only 3 simple steps to getting your new smile. The first step to your new smile is a simple screening process to find out if you are a good candidate for this revolutionary procedure. Your first appointment will be comprehensive consultation with our dentist, during which he will explain all your treatment options and discuss the best plan for you.

The next step is to coordinate a 3D scan of your jaws with our oral surgeons and finalize the treatment options with our dentist. Our dentist will also coordinate the fabrication of your custom teeth and have the prosthesis ready for the day of surgery.

The final step is your ‘immediate’ teeth procedure. Your custom teeth will be delivered onto your implants the day of surgery. Our team (oral surgeon, dentist, and dental lab technician) will be with you throughout the procedure to ensure that you are comfortable and that your new teeth look and feel great. In just one day you walk out with teeth!

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What our patients say

I had a real problem today. I was supposed to go to a big dinner with a lot of baseball executives in Miami for a good dentist, but it was 3:30 and they had all left for the day. Out of nowhere I get a call from Dr. Mereos. He told me that although he was out for the day that his lovely and wonderful assistant, Norma, would be waiting for me in their office.
She did an outstanding job! She fixed me up and got me off to my dinner. I will be forever grateful to Norma and Dr. Mereos, and they know that when the Dodgers come to Miami to play the Marlins they will be there to watch the games!
Thank you Norma. Thank you Dr. Mereos

Tommy Lasorda

Dr. Mereos, We want to thank you for your wonderful giving heart and service during out time of need. I especially want to think you for your steady hand and soft heart. I want to give you a book on Hope Worldwide and our work. I also want to give you a shirt to wear! Thanks again!

Antonio & Audrey Boyd

To Whom It May Concern, I was most important by the speedy and efficient service I received from the staff at Precious Smiles when I needed emergency dental work.In the 2nd week of a 6 month vacation, I had the misfortune to lose a part of one of my back molars. Knowing that I would be away for another 6 months, and that I would be visiting South America, I wanted to make sure that my tooth was repaired in the US.As i was in Miami, I contacted the emergency dental number there, and was given the number of Precious Smiles. I was able to arrange an appointment the followinf day, and the work was carried out immediately.A temorary crown was fitted, and it held together for the rest of my journey. I wish to thank you all at Precious Smiles for the efficient and speedy service Regards, Ann